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Discover the Deeper Issues That Can Occur as a Result of Sleep Apnea

June 5, 2020

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a wrecking ball with the words “sleep apnea” crashing into a wall that reads “LIFE”Sleep apnea is known to cause snoring, breathing difficulties, and problems developing among family and friends, especially those with whom you share a bed. But what you may not realize is that this common condition can lead to increased health risks that, if left untreated, can lead to a lifetime of problems or even death. If you suffer from sleep apnea and want to avoid its potentially negative ramifications, learn what kind of treatment can help you achieve a better quality of life.

The Hidden Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Although snoring is irritating and can cause you to get less sleep, it is, by far, one of the more manageable and less debilitating signs of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). When battling this common sleep condition, you will discover that additional problems may develop over time, some of which can be dangerous to your overall health.

These often include:

  • High Blood Pressure: Each time you wake throughout the night because you stop breathing, your blood pressure increases. If this happens numerous times in a span of several hours, this can put a lot of stress on the body, resulting in high blood pressure.
  • Heart Disease: When you cannot breathe adequately, your body may be low on oxygen. Because of this, your brain will have a harder time trying to control blood flow within your arteries and brain, resulting in a possible heart attack or stroke.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: There is a common link between diabetes and sleep apnea. When the body is unable to achieve adequate sleep, it will begin to have difficulty using the insulin produced. As a result, diabetes can develop. People who are obese have a much greater risk of this occurring if they suffer from sleep apnea or vice versa.
  • Weight Gain: If your neck appears larger or “thick,” you will likely have difficulty breathing while asleep. These fatty deposits can create a blockage within your airway, causing you to wake up multiple times each night and feel chronically fatigued throughout the day. This continued tiredness will keep you from wanting to exercise, and the release of ghrelin, a hormone, will cause you to crave sweets and carbohydrates – two main contributors to obesity.

Other potentially harmful dangers that can occur because of sleep apnea include adult asthma, acid reflux, and even car accidents.

No matter what could potentially develop as a result of your inability to breathe properly and sleep throughout the night, it’s best to seek treatment as soon as possible to try and get ahead of these future problems.

Ways to Improve Your Sleep and Breathing Patterns

Fortunately, one of the most commonly used solutions to treat sleep apnea include oral appliance therapy. These custom-made devices are worn while you sleep and are designed to fit comfortably within your mouth. Not only will you notice a substantial difference in how you rest, but you will also begin to take notice of how you feel each day, all of which point to the benefits of these oral devices.

From improved moods to increased energy, treating your sleep apnea will give you a new lease on life and help you avoid the many “hidden” dangers that can come with a blocked airway.

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