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Advanced Dental Technology – Grand Island, NE

Bringing the Future
to Our Practice

Our dentists are proud to offer comprehensive dentistry services for the residents of Grand Island, Wood River, and other nearby communities, and our dedication to continuing education allows us to offer extensive specialty services utilizing the most advanced techniques and technologies. That means our patients aren’t referred to specialists as frequently, saving them time and ensuring they are always comfortable and receive the superior level of care they deserve.

How Technology Makes Our Dentistry Better

  • Improved Communication with Our Patients
  • Accurate Diagnoses and Better Planning
  • Pain-Free Treatments for Anxious Patients

Intraoral Camera

dentist using intraoral camera

It’s impossible to get a dentist’s eye view of your own mouth – until now, that is. With our MouthWatch intraoral camera, we can show images of your teeth and gums from various angles. The images can be enhanced to help us detect small cavities and the earliest hints of gum disease. We’ll be able to examine everything in great detail and then share our findings with you directly. You won’t be left wondering what’s going on in your mouth; you’ll know firsthand.

Digital X-Rays

digital x-rays on computer

Digital X-rays offer patients several benefits over their traditional counterparts. There is a reduction of 40% or more in radiation exposure since digital X-rays are captured more quickly, and there’s no need to develop the images, so our team (and the local environment) isn’t exposed to hazardous chemicals. Rather than viewing low-definition images on a special light board after they are developed, we are able to view high-definition digital X-rays immediately on chairside monitors, and we can easily transfer the files to patients, insurance providers, and specialists.

iTero Scanner

woman in cone beam scanner

With our Planmeca cone beam scanner, forming a full picture of your oral health is easier than ever. Instead of taking a single X-ray, it photographs your mouth multiple times from various angles and combines the images into a single model. Examining this model will reveal underlying nerve pathways, hidden oral structures, and other variables that would need to be considered when planning implant surgery or other treatments. The more information we have, the better your chances of dental success become.

Digital Impressions System

digital impressions system

Physical impressions have long been a staple for making high-quality dental restorations, but the putty used to take them is highly uncomfortable to bite down on, and the entire process is time-consuming and somewhat unreliable. Our iTero digital impressions system is much more accurate, can complete the process in just a few minutes, and is built entirely around your comfort. Not only will you spend less time in the dental chair, but your restorations designed using this impression will be of a much higher quality.

Soft Tissue Laser

soft tissue laser

Soft tissue lasers are used for many treatments in our Grand Island practice, including periodontal therapy for patients who suffer from gum disease, crown lengthening in preparation for dental crown placement, and purely cosmetic gum lifts that make the shape or size of gums more aesthetically appealing. Compared with traditional soft tissue procedures using scalpels and stitches, laser therapy is much less painful and requires significantly less time to heal.

Pain & Stress-Free Dentistry

young man talking to dentist

Our dentists and team in Grand Island work hard to make every patient feel relaxed and free from stress and pain throughout their treatment. In addition to the high number of patients who report experiencing dental fear, an even greater number report a fear of needles. When you combine the two, the result is a high-stress situation for many patients. That’s why we use two solutions designed to take the anxiety out of administering anesthetic:

  • The Wand – This small handpiece looks like a pen and delivers extremely precise numbing to dispense local anesthesia more comfortably than traditional methods. This has the added benefit of allowing patients to receive comfortable care without spending hours with a numb mouth following treatment.
  • DentalVibe – This innovative system sends vibrations to the brain that trick patients’ bodies into closing the “pain gate,” allowing patients to relax and receive the care they need while remaining calm and comfortable.

Learn More About Pain & Stress-Free Dentistry

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