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Gum Disease Therapy in Grand Island

Grand Island Dentist Treats Periodontal Disease

Grand Island dentists, Dr. Steven Stec and Dr. CJ Stec provide comfortable and state-of-the-art periodontal treatments for patients diagnosed with gum disease. Gum disease detrimentally affects your gum and bone tissues—and the devastation begins with the colonization of bacteria on your teeth. Bacteria forms as the sticky yellow film, known as plaque, which eventually hardens into tartar (calculus). Once the bacteria reach this stage, only a professional cleaning can remove it and keep it from becoming problematic.

At our Grand Island dental practice, we offer charting and diagnostic services and in-office therapy. Gum disease—what dentists call periodontal disease—affects a large percentage of the population and can be serious. Because healthy gums are crucial for healthy teeth, we’ll evaluate the state of your gums during routine checkups and determine an appropriate plan of action if necessary. This may include treatment at our offices or, in severe cases, referral to a periodontist.

If your gum disease goes untreated, you face monumental consequences to your oral health—and your overall health, too. There have many scientific studies that link periodontal infections to serious systemic issues such as coronary artery disease, diabetes complications, non-fatal strokes, premature births, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Grand Island dentists Dr's. Steven and CJ Stec believes in educating patients about the importance of having good oral health. You may not have noticeable symptoms of periodontal disease, and even if you’re very careful about regular checkups and daily oral healthcare habits, you may still get gum disease. In fact, about 30% of Americans are genetically predisposed to get gum disease! As your gum disease advances, symptoms may become more obvious, and more detrimental. You probably have a periodontal infection if your gums bleed, swell, or redden. Gum disease may cause pockets to form around your teeth, and cause your teeth to loosen. In the United States, gum disease is the number one reason for adult tooth loss.

Health Problems Linked to Gum Disease

Good oral health supports good body health. The American Academy of Periodontology cites research that suggests inflammation caused by periodontal infections increases plaque build-up and swelling of arteries, which means it can be a contribution to coronary artery disease. Other scientific studies found evidence that periodontal inflammations also increase the risk of non-fatal strokes. Diabetes also has links to gum disease, which can increase sugar production and is considered the sixth complication of gum disease. Gum disease is also prevalent in pregnant woman, who may suffer premature births or deliver low-birth weight babies. At our Grand Island restorative dental practice, our friendly hygienists restore health to your gums, and enhance the health of your whole body, with comfortable and comprehensive gum disease therapy.