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Tips from Your Dentist for a Healthy Halloween Smile

October 19, 2018

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family celebrating HalloweenHalloween is right around the corner. The festive night is full of vibrant decorations, creative costumes, and sweet treats. As you take your child around trick-or-treating, the last thing on anyone’s mind is their teeth and gums. While you may think one night of overindulging is not a concern, if you are not careful, it could lead to unexpected news from your dentist. To keep your family’s smiles healthy without compromising the excitement of the evening, there are some important oral health tips to keep in mind.

1. Choose Candy Carefully

In a perfect world, your dentist would recommend you only eat sugar-free candy, but that is not a realistic expectation, especially for children. Instead, it is best to choose your candy wisely if you are not able to enjoy sugarless options.

You want to avoid those that are hard, chewy, or gummy because they cling to your teeth. They will become trapped in the crevasses of the back molars, making it difficult to remove. This increases the risk of tooth decay over time. As an alternative, it is best to stick with chocolate because it can easily be rinsed from your teeth.

2. Timing is Everything

When eating Halloween candy, timing is everything. It is better to eat it with meals or right after. Eating increases your saliva production, which helps to cleanse your teeth from harmful sugars.

3. Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

During Halloween, it is more important than ever for your family to maintain their oral hygiene habits. Brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each session using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste. Ideally, you want to brush after each time you have eaten candy or sweets, but that is not always possible. If you cannot get to your toothbrush, rinse your mouth with water. In addition to brushing, do not forget to floss in between each tooth before going to bed.

4. Drink More Water

Fluorinated water can help to prevent tooth decay by keeping your enamel strong. Not to mention, it helps to cleanse your teeth in between brushing. It is best to choose water whenever possible to stay hydrated and to keep your smile healthy.

5. Avoid Dental Emergencies

Hard candies are great, but they can cause a dental emergency. Biting hard candies can lead to a broken tooth. To prevent an unexpected trip to your dentist, do not let your child bite on hard candies or suckers.

Protect Your Smile for Halloween

This Halloween, keep your family’s smiles a priority while you enjoy the evening.

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