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Specialty Dentistry and Technology in Grand Island, NE

Drs. Steven and CJ Stec are proud to offer comprehensive dentistry services for the residents of Grand Island, Wood River, and other nearby communities, and our dedication to continuing education allows us to offer extensive specialty services utilizing the most advanced techniques and technologies. That means our patients aren’t referred to specialists as frequently saving them time and ensuring they are always comfortable and receive the superior level of care they deserve. Contact us to find out more about or specialty dentistry services or to schedule an appointment.

Emergency Dentistry

Emergencies are never pleasant, but having a plan of action can help reduce the pain and stress of a dental emergency. If you experience a knocked out, broken, or chipped tooth or restoration, severe toothache, or other dental emergency, contact Stec Cosmetic and Family Dentistry right away. We offer same day treatment whenever possible, and we’re happy to walk patients through first aid to protect their smile until they arrive at our office. Don’t wait if you experience any form of dental damage or pain, contact us right away.

Nitrous Oxide

While we work hard to make sure every patient feels comfortable from the moment he or she arrives, we know that there are patients who need a little extra assistance relaxing and receiving the care they need. Nitrous oxide sedation has been used longer than almost any other anesthesia or sedative, and it offers patients reduced dental sensitivity and relaxation with minimal side effects. Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a nasal mask, and the dosage is easily adjusted during treatment for optimal results. The sedative takes effect and wears off quickly meaning patients are free to resume their daily activities immediately following treatment. Patients who experience dental fear or anxiety, have difficulty numbing with local anesthetic alone, or who need numerous or complex procedures may benefit from using nitrous oxide sedation.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays offer patients a number of benefits over their traditional counterparts. There is a reduction of 40% or more in radiation exposure since digital x-rays are captured more quickly, and there’s no need to develop the images so our team isn’t exposed to hazardous chemicals. Rather than viewing low definition images on a special light board after they are developed, we are able to view high-definition digital x-rays immediately on chairside monitors, and we easily transfer the files to patients, insurance providers, and specialists.

Soft Tissue Laser

Soft tissue lasers are used for a number of treatments in our Grand Island practice including periodontal therapy for patients who suffer from gum disease, crown lengthening in preparation for dental crown placement, and purely cosmetic gum lifts that make the shape or size of gums more aesthetically appealing for those patients with a “gummy” smile. Whatever reason patients need laser treatment, compared with traditional soft tissue procedures using scalpels and stitches, laser therapy is much less painful and requires significantly less time to heal.

Pain & Stress Free Dentistry

Our dentists and team in Grand Island work hard to make every patient feel relaxed and free from stress and pain throughout their treatment. In addition to the high number of patients who report experiencing dental fear, an even greater number report fear of needles. When you combine the two, the result is a high stress situation for many patients. That’s where our two reduced stress local anesthetic solutions come in.

  • The Wand – this small handpiece looks like a pen, and delivers extremely precise numbing to administer local anesthesia more comfortably than traditional methods, reducing stress for most patients. This has the added benefit of allowing patients to receive comfortable care without spending hours with a numb mouth following treatment.
  • DentalVibe – this innovate system sends vibrations to the brain that trick patients’ bodies into closing the “pain gate” allowing patients to relax and receive the care they need while remaining calm and comfortable.