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How Preventive Care Saves You Money

At our practice, we hear many reasons why patients don’t come in for their biannual checkups. One of the most common excuses we hear from patients is that the cost of care is too high. In their opinion, it makes more sense to wait until a dental issue arises rather than pay for regular checkups and cleanings every six months.

In our first newsletter, we wanted to warn our patients the harm that missing dental exams can cause and why it’s actually more effective to come in every six months than wait until you have a dental issue. It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 years old or 80, regular visits are key to preventing oral disease as well as catching serious diseases before they put your life at risk.

How Regular Prevention is More Cost-Effective

Did you know that preventive care is one of the cheapest forms of dental care you can get from any dentist? Preventive care is the simplest and easiest treatment for a practice to perform, so this is well-reflected in its cost. It’s also why nearly all insurance companies cover it in their plans. By visiting the dentist, you’re not just keeping your mouth healthy, you’re also remaining proactive and preventing future disease from appearing later.

Additionally, studies have shown that families who are trying to cut costs on dental care can better do so by seeing the dentist often, not when a dental emergency appears. According to a study performed by Cigna titled Improved Health and Lower Medical Costs, every dollar spent on preventive care could save anywhere from $8 to $50 in restorative and emergency visits.

Basically, you’re far more likely to pay an expensive dental bill if you don’t visit your dentist regularly.

Don't Put Your Body at Risk

At Stec Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we think it’s necessary to dispel patient misconceptions and protect the community from disease before it appears. According to a recent survey conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry, only 14% of respondents viewed their general dentist as being an expert in improving and maintaining overall health. Furthermore, 50% of respondents didn’t believe their dentist to be an expert on disease prevention.

Think of it this way. The mouth is truly a window into the rest of the body. If something is amiss, your dentist can easily catch it based on markers he finds during your routine exam, including:

  • Swollen gums – indicates onset of diabetes, oral cancer, and heart disease
  • Dental erosion – indicates signs of anorexia and/or bulimia
  • Loose Teeth/Receding Gums – indicates signs of osteoporosis
  • Dry Mouth/Bleeding Gums – indicates poor nutrition

In the case of most diseases, especially oral cancer, early detection is key for a successful treatment. People pass away or face significant health complications from these diseases because they caught it too late or waited until an emergency had occurred. However, these situations can be prevented by practicing regular preventive care and visiting your dentist.

How Your Dentist can Protect You and Your Family

dentist with children

Our team doesn’t only check for issues like early signs of gum disease and decay, oral cancer, and other more serious diseases. We use technology that keeps you informed right alongside your dentist, including an intraoral camera which shows you exactly what we see. Every time you visit for your 6-month regular exam, you’re guaranteed to have an oral cancer screening on top of your checkup and cleaning.

In the fight against oral cancer and other serious diseases, we must remain as diligent as your general practitioner, which you may not even see as often. We’re fully-equipped to keep your family protected from day one and the last thing we want is for you or a loved one to experience a dental emergency. We hope to see you again soon for your regular checkup!

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